The 3rd Annual Gold Rush Gravel Grinder will be held on June 6, 2015.  We will be riding on the same courses as last year, so those of you who haven’t yet made it out, will get a chance to ride this beautiful but grueling course.  Anyone who raced in previous years will have a chance to beat their time or just finish the ride (if you haven’t made the ‘cut-off’ time).  We will also have a new 210 mile course, the Mother Lode, for those of you who like to go Big!!  Thank you to all the Volunteers and Sponsors who make this event possible. We look forward to another great season of grinding gravel!



70, 110 or 210 Miles of Black Hills Gravel
Saturday, June 6, 2015
Registration closes on June 1st, 2015


Gold Rushing in the Black Hills in 2014

The Second Annual Gold Rush Gravel Grinder brought old friends and new faces back to the Black Hills for some epic gravel grinding. With drizzling rains throughout the day Friday, we were relieved to have a calm, rain free day, for Saturdays race. It was a bit greasy for the first 10 miles or so, but soon the course dried out and the sun even blessed us with her presence for brief periods of time. This year we did a slight re-route off the top of the Cement Ridge Climb.  Rather than dropping off the “backside Hellride” descent, we took the long course riders back down the same course as the Gold Dust riders.  This left the mileage exactly the same, but I think gave the course a little better flow overall.  James Meyer, of Spearfish, ended up with the winning time of 6:53:34 for the men’s overall, and Aubrey Hoard took the women’s overall spot with a winning time of 8:34:47.  Congratulations to everyone who came out and gave it a shot, and a bigger congratulations to those that finished the ride!

If you haven’t done this race yet, I’d encourage you to give it a go. The course is a very scenic route through the hills, with flowing creeks and flowers galore! It’s a challenging ride with 7,000+ ft of climbing, in 110 miles. The course is 90% gravel, with only the 4 mile lead out and the last 13 miles down Spearfish Canyon, being pavement. It’s a small race, so you might be out there on your own for hours at a time, but that’s the way we like it. It’s semi-supported, so you’ll have a few places where you can get water, or maybe some raw potatoes, but you’ll also need to carry much of your own gear. It’s a race if you’re into racing, or just a ride if you want to get out and challenge yourself for the day. It ends with a party and plenty of food, as many Crow Peak brews as you can drink, great stories, new and old friends, and a few prizes if you’re lucky. It’s a gravel grinder, that we put on for you, to give you a glimpse of some of the beautiful and unique riding in the area! We hope you enjoyed it, and we hope to have you all back next year for another Gold Rush Gravel Grinder. In 2015 we look forward to presenting you with a new piece of the Gold Rush, “The Mother Lode”, a 210 mile route, taking you deeper into the darkness of the Black Hills.

Find it and Grind it!

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